Website Design

We design and build websites for local Churches, societies and associations, small businesses, local artists, and private individuals.

We avoid features or facilities which some browsers may misinterpret. We write code in a version of HTML which almost any browser can interpret and action correctly. As we do not know what screen resolution or window size viewers are using, we endeavour to design the code such that the pages display correctly in all but the smallest screen sizes.

We can incorporate:
        Plain colour, graduated, textured or picture backgrounds
        Static or animated pictures
        Banners with scrolling text
        Links to other websites

After we have designed the website, the Client is free to choose their own web hosting service, or we can arrange to have it hosted by local company Moor Web. Please be aware that website design, domain registration and hosting are charged separately.

We recently created websites for The United Benefice of Shaldon and The Simulated Cemetery.

How can we help you?

If you would like us to quote for the creation of your website, please click here. There is no charge for the initial meeting.

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