Electronics design services
Power Supply Model 643

We are highly skilled in converting a Client's "back of fag packet" sketches into proper design plans. We identify system boundaries and interfaces, internal and external processes, signal conditioning and timing requirements. We draw up an environmental specification, which clearly states what levels of hostile environment (temperature, vibration, altitude, etc.) the product is required to survive.

We then proceed to the design phase, and prepare documentation as per the design plan. Prototype construction and testing can be done by ourselves or the Client, as required.

The image to the right is of our most popular product, Power Supply Model 643 (Nato stock number 6665-99-985-1614), which is used to power military sensor systems.

How can we help you?

If you would like RKW to assist with your design project, please click here.
We are happy to work on either an hourly-rate or fixed-fee basis, and there is no charge for the initial meeting.

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