Consultancy services

A typical project would begin with a meeting, usually on the Client's premises, to ascertain the nature and scope of the project, and to confirm that RKW have the necessary skills in-house.

Example: One of our Clients had designed a signal-processing circuit which included facilities to shut off the power to certain chips when they were not in use. Unfortunately, the designer had ignored the 'clamp diodes' present in most silicon chips, which would have prevented some chips from shutting down properly. By spotting the problem before the design went to printed circuit layout, we were able to save the Client the cost of laying out a circuit which could not have worked.

Our Clients, which include a government department, appreciate our flexible approach. If necessary, for security or other reasons, we can do most of the work on the Client's premises. We have a design office with computers and two small workshops for creation of prototypes, test rigs, demonstration models, etc.

How can we help you?

If you would like RKW to be of assistance, please click here.
We are happy to work on either an hourly-rate or fixed-fee basis, and there is no charge for the initial meeting.

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